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 “EEA has made “Learning to be Rewarding”

When YOU Or Your Company Or Your Organization SPONSORS A Student for $100, the sponsored person qualifies to receive 10 study lessons and can earn up to $250 in 30 days by going through our Sponsorship program.

As a Sponsor, You or Your Company or Your Organization will empower the person sponsored by:

  1. Providing an opportunity to learn―Education
  2. Providing an opportunity to “Earn While Learning”―Earnings
  3. Providing an opportunity to get training through our internship and entrepreneurship programs―Experience
  4. Providing an opportunity to choose the career path and the work environment that fit your skillset(s)―Employment

Since EEA receives endowments from its current partners which allow its current operations to be fully funded; 100% of all sponsorship funds will go toward SPONSORING PEOPLE!

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